22 Animals Who Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

Animals are like children! They're never afraid to express their real emotions.

#1 This is the face Ghost makes when he wants to be petted.

Your dad's first Facebook profile picture.
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#2 Our dog is spiritually reborn whenever she goes on a car ride.

I swear, dogs know the true meaning of life.
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#3 Cat Staring At Mirror.

Techno_Kitty / Via

#4 Don't drop the catnip.

HopeThisHelps90 / Via

#5 Cat with paw over baby's mouth.

ChipAyten / Via

#6 Sign: Beware of dog.

Sapulinjing / Via

#7 When you receive a spam call.

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#8 My friend's ridiculously photogenic lizard.

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HellFire4gZ / Via

#10 My hamster escaped and we found him in the popcorn bowl.

steptotheright / Via

#11 Smug pug.

Dead_Hope / Via

#12 The surprised dog.

AncientExcursion / Via

#13 This cat in a cone.

Gar3thLYH / Via

#14 My cat’s face before and after my wife told her that the high chair is not for her.

healzman / Via

#15 You probably missed a duolingo lesson.

kevin1904 / Via

#16 The beautiful lashes and eyes...

rigrg / Via

#17 So I bought this vase specifically for her yesterday and she approved.

derpinu- / Via

#18 Socially awkward dog.

9999monkeys / Via

#19 We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard and now he's attached and won't leave its side ever this is how he sleeps every day.

Vininnarella / Via

#20 Mother and her baby.

Ahm3d143 / Via

#21 Put this mirror on the bedside table and Renly couldn't handle it.

moral_aphrodesiac / Via

#22 This seal on a beach in Denmark.

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