15 Photos That Prove Cats Go By Their Own Rules

Sometimes cats do things so weird and unexplainable.

#1 Let me in, LET ME IN!!!

Some cats are liquid.
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#2 Just moved into a new apartment, he finally came out from under the couch.

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#3 This is how it starts...

#4 Our office cat does not like to be ignored.

Lol, jealous you have a office cat.
pseudotumorgal / Via

#5 Who needs thumbs, when you've got things handled.

iikagenniotonashikukirareyagare / Via

#6 Wish I could be that relaxed.

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#7 Floating kitty.

pleple28 / Via

#8 My cat’s favorite spot.

THAT'S SO CUTE. :D Look at her sneaky little face!
Scgoodguy / Via

#9 So small her weight doesn't press the keys.

She's practicing. When she's older, she'll be walking on your keyboard and typing random stuff just like the other grownup cats.
possiblyexisting1 / Via

#10 I might have assembled my cat wrong.

Look how confident and proud of themselves they are! It's so cute.
thisnami / Via

#11 Made an Iron Throne for my maine coon. He slipped right into the role!

nikers93 / Via

#12 A friend who caught her very pregnant cat sitting like this.

Fruitqueen / Via

#13 She often sleeps like that. Don't know why but that's pretty cute.

It means he feels totally safe and protected enough to expose his vulnerable belly.
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#14 My new cat likes to lay and watch the fire before he goes to sleep.

Little known fact: Cats are extremely sensitive to heat on their heads, the rest of their body much less so. This is to detect their mother's teets when they are deaf and blind when newborn. Of course, due to this, a cat associates a warm head with comfort and safety.
He's getting nice and toasty before he sleeps.
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#15 For some reason my sisters cat sits like this everyday.

I hope it swings its legs as it sits like that.
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