16 Pets Who Were Caught At The Most Unexpected Moment

Animals often do such ridiculous things that we just can't help but take a few photos of them.

#1 My big baby Durotan. He sleeps like this 90% of the time.

thelastbellatrix / Via

#2 The forbidden salade.

British- / Via


#3 Each car should be supplied with a puppy holder.

#4 If I fits...

kitschdelaney / Via

#5 This DRUMSTICK!!!!!!!!!!! BOYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppies_fart_hope / Via

#6 My cat's been unemployed for the last 18 months. I think it's taking a toll.

bportan1 / Via

#7 Anywhere. You could sit anywhere.

mgray4011 / Via

#8 Shhh the baby is sleeping.

#9 After fighting all afternoon, my dogs fell asleep like this.

lookforthesun / Via

#10 Basset Hound sleeping in flower pots.

davesidious / Via

#11 Found this picture of my cute kitty sleeping.

Achilles68 / Via

#12 Just a cat nap.

thunderball / Via

#13 Hugging brother while he sleeps.

davidduman / Via

#14 My cat likes to sleep where I can't avoid stroking her.

felix37 / Via

#15 She's not allowed on the bed, but she’s sleeping so soundly!

ApostateLibrarian / Via

#16 My friend's dog fell asleep like this.

natezim / Via

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