16 Cats Showing Off The Art Of Sleeping In Trees

Our furry friends have been spotted sleeping nearly anywhere.

#1 Wow, so pretty.


#2 The cat tree is in blossoming nicely.

A good crop this year.
BillyGoat956961 / Via reddit.com


#3 Looks like she has been there before and has found the best position for her!!

dewycheek / Via twitter.com

#4 The rare koala cat.

Reminds me of a koala.
Happy Cats / Via facebook.com

#5 Could she be more relaxed !!

dewycheek / Via twitter.com

#6 What a grape spot :D.

dewycheek / Via twitter.com

#7 This fluffy tree.


#8 Awesome and cute sleeping cat.

Looks like a lynx instead of a house cat.
cazhamp / Via imgur.com

#9 Cheshire cat.

Why must he sleep high up in a tree???
Oddcrotch / Via reddit.com

#10 Just a little cat under a tree in the sun.

I'd do the same if I were wandering the forest in a lazy afternoon.
m-0_0-m / Via reddit.com

#11 Guardian of the forest.

Cat in fox nap pose.
totally.not__ / Via instagram.com

#12 Cat apple tree.

dewycheek / Via twitter.com

#13 It must be a good dream. The kitty is smiling.

I think this might be the best picture I've ever taken.
everyday_redhead / Via instagram.com

#14 This cute cat spends the weekend the same way I do.

Just hangin' out...

#15 The paw though.

sirfrostyscratchalot / Via instagram.com

#16 It's so cute and chonky! Hugs!


Preview photo credit: Happy Cats / facebook.com