15 Photos About Animals That Will Make You Inexplicably Happy

These little troublemakers will never get bored, even if they’re all alone.

#1 He dragged it off the holder and carried it to his favorite spot.

popaulina / Via

#2 LOL

kokonananya / Via


#3 Head-bump loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame!

Siyfion / Via

#4 Only my cat waits for his Dr to come in like this...

BreeHill15 / Via

#5 I was laying on my bed when suddenly...

FelledWolf / Via

#6 If I Fits.

kokonananya / Via

#7 My cat is very serious about his boundaries.

vanavucuvudu / Via

#8 It's ruined. Is your cat half raccoon?

ExtensiveNegligence / Via

#9 I've altered your signal. Pray I don't alter it any further.

WavyGlass / Via

#10 I don't know what his hopes and dreams were, but he's definitely given up on them.

pollypooter / Via

#11 Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!

slg9311 / Via

#12 Turned around for 5 seconds...

JoeTheBobWithAnEar / Via

#13 Cats being cats.

Amateurlapse / Via

#14 I busted the thief who's been stealing my suet cakes.

ericlathrop / Via

#15 I was excited the birds were eating the bread I'd been leaving for them...

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