12 Cats That Got Shaved For Surgery And Now They Have Ridiculous Haircuts

Something tells me the felines are already plotting a revenge plan to get back at the people spreading their photos.

When Twitter user Ash shared a pic of a friend’s cat, she probably didn’t think it would go viral.

#1 This should be a regular look. Cats in short trousers!

trashlyn_ / Via twitter.com

#2 Cat in boots.

ChubbyCzechers / Via twitter.com


#3 My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants.

edwardhowrongtu / Via reddit.com

#4 Mama look at mah new boots.

RaphzAndrade / Via twitter.com

#5 It looks like something from Dr. Seuss!

RosieDicken / Via twitter.com

#6 Doesn't look like he's too happy about it!

Lara_Miller / Via twitter.com


#7 Pretty kitty!

Uschlett / Via twitter.com

#8 Blep.

Oh man, that poor adorable cat...
Odrbjornz / Via reddit.com

#9 My 16 year boy looking like he is the toughest cat on the block after his tooth removal surgery.

Add a pipe and you got yourself a Popeye cat.
Background-Wafer-163 / Via reddit.com

#10 Cute.

WyldeandFeral / Via twitter.com

#11 So fashionable.

punchelos / Via twitter.com

#12 The poor thing.

husseywiles / Via twitter.com

However, the black kitty who got its front legs shaved for surgery was precisely what the Internet needed.

Preview photo credit: trashlyn_ / twitter.com