15 Best Dad Jokes For Any Sense Of Humor

No matter how many times they do it, they always manage to make us laugh.

In a restaurant when we had just finished eating, the waiter asked, are you missing something? My dad answered: MY HUNGER!
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My grandfather always tells his friends that he suffers from a high degree of stress... from his wife.
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When a waiter asks dad how the food was, he shows him our finished plates and says: "We almost didn't like it."
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I look a lot like my dad, so every time someone tells him that we look a lot alike, he says: "Poor thing, it's not her fault, one day she'll grow of it."
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When he arrives at a city hotel he will always ask for a room with a park view. But of cars!
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My mom told me that they went to visit the house of a woman who had never gotten married, and when they entered, my dad accidentally bumped into her and said, "Sorry ma'am," to which she protested "MISS," and my dad added without thinking: "That is not my fault."
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My grandfather, like any good lawyer, always asks, "Who wrote this bill?" The waiter will say: "I did, sir, why? Is something wrong?" And then he answers: "The one who writes it, pays for it!"
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When you want to remember a word and you use the phrase: "What's the name...?" My dad immediately shakes your hand and introduces himself.
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When I was a little girl, I would tell my dad that I wanted to go to the circus or the fair and he would say, "Oh, no, if they want to look at you, then they can come here and see you for free."
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When the power goes out in my house, my dad says that we're the only ones that still have it, because he married her so that she would never go away. My mom's name is Luz (light) and he will go on with that joke until the electricity comes back on.
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My grandfather always ALWAYS asks for the bill and when he sees it he says: "I asked for my bill, not my cut." And also, when he asks for the price of something, he will always query: "How much does it cost and why is it so expensive?" Classic.
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Whenever we're at a meeting or party or whatever, my dad says, "I'm leaving... but out the side."
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It was my little nephew's birthday party and my dad was sitting at the entrance to the house with some other gentlemen. The clown showed up very late and asked: "Sir, where are the children?" And my dad answered with a serious face: "That's us, we grew up while we were waiting for you."
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My mom says that when there was a party at her house and the guests were leaving, my grandfather would always says, "The red lights of the cars are just so beautiful... Because it means that THEY'RE GONE AT LAST."
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Every time there is a family party, my dad offers himself up as the chief party officer. When the host of the party seems to be thinking, "Oh boy, that does sound interesting," my dad then explains that he will stand at the door and write down who SHOWED and DIDN'T SHOW UP to the party.
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