16 Tweets That Sum Up Being In Your Early To Mid-Twenties

"This is the generation of looking 14 but actually being 22."

Are you really in your early 20s if at least one of your friends isn’t convinced she’s pregnant at all times.
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my 20s as movie franchise
21: The Disappointment & The Anxiety
22: 2 Disappointed 2 Anxious
23: The Disappoinment & The Anxiety: Tokyo Drift
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Being in your early 20s is all about waking up gasping for air at 8am, rolling out of bed, having a quick cry in the shower before heading into your 9-5 job at a start up that spent more money on the basketball hoop than your annual salary
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Convinced getting married in your early 20s is just a fad thing because there can’t be this many people finding their soulmates on the Dahlonega campus of the University of North Georgia
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This is the generation of looking 14 but actually being 22
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Being 23 is a cool age. It feels a lot like 21 but with 2 additional years of failure stapled to your forehead
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Being 23 is just thinking you should move cities to solve your unhappiness instead of going to therapy to find out why you're unhappy
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Imagine being 22 and still having to lie to your mom like a child lmaoooooo.. it’s me I’m the fu*king child
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I have friends getting married and having babies and I have friends making slushees out of pedialyte and vodka before 4pm. Idk what end of the spectrum I fall under but I do know being 23 is a very confusing age.
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There is no such thing as a “cool” 24 year old. there are 24 year olds who act like weird teenagers and 24 year olds who like, work at the bank. that’s it, there is no in between.
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Being 25 is so weird because like I want a baby but also I don’t really understand taxes fully
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Your 20s are for your father's attempts at compensating for being absent or emotionally distant your whole childhood
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Being 25 is such a trip I cannot believe people get this old
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