15 Tweets That Are Just Like Really Peak Dumbledore

Hermione: *Saves world.* Dumbledore: Well done, Harry!

[books 1-5]
Harry: how do I defeat Voldemort
Dumbledore: love your friends.
[books 6-7]
Harry: how do I defeat voldemort
Dumbledore: ok so he split his soul into 7 maybe 8 pieces idk yet but they're all in hidden items and also inside of you so you also have to kinda die and
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Harry Potter: I’m depressed
Dumbledore: your parents died when you were a baby, cedric and your godfather were killed in front of you, a homicidal maniac is trying to kill you. I get it
harry: yeah
Dumbledore: so I need you to go on a deadly quest to find some soul trinkets
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Dumbledore: it’s important that u let this baby live with u
The dursleys: can we treat him like he’s fu*ken dogsh*t
Dumbledore: lmao ya I literally do not give a fu*k
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Dumbledore, completely wasted: I should have know you’d be here professor Mcgonagall
Some random cat:
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Me: so how do you guys get around?
Dumbledore: lots of ways. you can take the secret train
Me: makes sense
Dumbledore: fly a broomstick
Me: fun
Dumbledore: touch a boot and be sucked spinning through some kind of magic hellscape void
Me: huh
Dumbledore: bus
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Dumbledore: why are my premiums so high?
Insurance Agent: moving stairs with no rails, three headed dog in a tower, troll in the bathroom, and a giant snake in the plumbing.
Dumbledore: yes but only one student died this year; the others were merely injured : )
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HARRY: Professor I didn’t put my name in the Goblet of Fire.
DUMBLEDORE: There’s nothing I can do, Harry.
HARRY: What is—what’s even your job here?
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Dumbledore: harry must be safe
Snape: ok but can i be a di*k to him
Dumbledore: what
Snape: like, idk, if i wanted to tell him he’s an even bigger pathetic fu*ken loser than his dead dad i can right lol
dumbledore: are u okay
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Harry: so a time turner turns back time
Dumbledore: yes
Harry: to, say, stop two murders
Harry: hello
Dumbledore [loudly chewing jelly beans]: crazy how Pluto isn’t a planet anymore lol
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Dumbledore: everyone to their dorms
Malfoy: but Slytherin’s dorm is next to the dungeon
Dumbledore: “BuT sLyThErIn’S dOrM iS nExT tO tHe DuNgEoN” lmao do i look like i give a sh*t
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Dumbledore: So you left Voldemort because he killed the woman you loved
Snape: Yes
Dumbledore: And now you want to “protect” the child of her and the guy you hated by teaching here?
Snape: Yes
Dumbledore: Lmao sick. I see zero red flags
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Dumbledore: the first rule is that first years cant have brooms
Harry: I want one tho
Dumbledore: lmao ok fair. the second rule is that no rules apply to Harry
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Hermione: *saves world*
Dumbledore: well done harry!
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Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire is like: hey kids, welcome to the Death Olympics! I've invited my friends - the French, and the Nazis. if you need any help go ask your new teacher, who is visibly drunk
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