14 Anti-Ryan Tweets For Anyone Who’s Ever Crossed

"You know who likes guys named Ryan? Guys named Ryan."

We all know a douchebag named Ryan.
CauseWereGuys / Via twitter.com

I get so offended when I meet guys named Ryan. like how dare you.
ry_mcnugget / Via twitter.com


Back in the U.S. Just remembered that people named Ryan exist.
MaddiesTrash / Via twitter.com

Long ago I came to the conclusion that all people named Ryan are the worst. I have never met a Ryan I didn’t end up despising. In this essay I will-
biracialclown / Via twitter.com

Do guys named Ryan deserve rights??
Let's discuss.
wydsimoon / Via twitter.com

Don't date guys named Ryan.
alessiadawn / Via twitter.com

Alright imma say it.
Guys named Ryan have been ruinin my life since my first childhood crush and I’m sick of it.
thesongofalark / Via twitter.com

You know who likes guys named Ryan? Guys named Ryan.
MeganAnneMusic / Via twitter.com

Guys named Ryan, Elijah, Christian, and Andrew WILL ruin your life, trust me.
hxxllxxh / Via twitter.com

Morning to everyone except if your name is Ryan.
sexycyberboy / Via twitter.com

If your name is Ryan go frick urself.
rosyrainbows / Via twitter.com

If your name is Ryan, Brian, or Ian, you’re on thin fu*kin ice.
supreme_sausage / Via twitter.com

I hate people named Ryan, if your name is Ryan fu*k u.
lilian60750377 / Via twitter.com

Is there a radio dj named Ryan in every city?
garyfromteenmom / Via twitter.com

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