16 Cats That Were Jerks To Dogs And Didn’t Care

There are a bunch of reasons why your cat might be attacking your dog.

#1 “Why is your dog so afraid of cats?” -everyone.

OliveBudd / Via reddit.com

#2 Little kittens can be very scary.

Please call master for help. I am trapped in the corner by vicious beasts..
yummie4mytummie / Via reddit.com


#3 When you are trapped downstairs because the catto says no passing.

Forgot the freakin password again!
gusofthegrove / Via instagram.com

#4 They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.

I will have your soul or your life ... it makes no difference to me.
E-P-I-C-K / Via reddit.com

#5 My cat touching my parents’ dog just to make her growl.

Mommy she touched me!!!!
outlaw-chaos / Via reddit.com

#6 I was able to capture the raw anguish he felt after losing his bed to the void.

Please tell me your cats called The Void😩
TrulyDannyDeVito / Via reddit.com


#7 My fiancée’s coworker sent us an update on the kitten we gave him. Zilla demonstrating why we named her Godzilla.

“No, seriously, dude! That mouse was thiiiiiss big!”
OSRS_Socks / Via reddit.com

#8 The real murderer is in your house.

Quiet dog, only dreams now.
anya_anchan / Via reddit.com

#9 When your cat tries to drown your dog.

Where do they keep the catnip? Where is it?!
gmkab / Via reddit.com

#10 I'm fine.

There’s a touch of sadness in her eyes. What a sweet doggo.
SalazarRED / Via reddit.com

#11 I heard you were looking for a dog sitter...

Kindly get your derriere out of my face.
TakeNaps-PetCats / Via reddit.com

#12 My cat recently discovered the dog bed.

Dog recently discovered the floor.
haysalpj / Via reddit.com

#13 I picked my dog up from the groomers and my cat isn't too pleased I brought her back.

So hooman, you didn't notice the serene calm and quiet when that woofer was gone?
missmegane / Via reddit.com

#14 Poor dog.

Love this dog's expression.. A "You see what I've got to put up with" look...
muddyM / Via pikabu.ru

#15 My big dog won't pass the cat or even make eye contact for that matter.

In the dog's defense, that cat is unnaturally huge.
barbmalley / Via reddit.com

#16 My cat stole my dog's bone but the dog is too nice to take it back so instead he is just watching and whining.

Ummm...OP, your dog looks too SMART to take it back (instead of too nice.) Cute kitty and smart cute doggy.
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Preview photo credit: anya_anchan / reddit.com