What Is It Like To Have Siblings?

You love 'em but you don't like 'em 😂😂

sibling relationships are weird. I can give you my kidney but I'm not getting you a glass of water.
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They love to practice wrestling moves on you BUT their heart melts when they see you in pain.
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Just overheard my 54-year-old dad tell my 58-year-old aunt “don’t tell mom”. So apparently that’s a lifelong thing.
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Sibling fights don’t end in apology, y’all just walk around the house and don’t talk to each other for a couple hours and then one of u will pop ur head in the other’s room and ask if they want food.
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Does anyone else try and hug their sibling and they’re like "ew get away from me," and you’re like, "ok rude..."
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Sis: Can I borrow your electric hedge trimmer?
Me: Yes I’ll bring it round after work.
(After work)
Sis: Can you show me how it works?
(I Show her)
Sis: Well you’ve started now, you might as well finish!
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My sister has positioned herself as the lazy sibling and honestly, no one expects anything from her. Is it too late for me to rebrand?
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Mom! Why does he get to ride in the front seat 2 miles farther than I did yesterday? That's not fair!
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Why my brother asked me “Are you okay? because I didn't hear you complain about being hungry all day” 😂😂😂😂
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Trying to decide who gets what clothes with three girls... Harder than I thought.
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Sibling culture is not talking to each other for a while and then texting them, “this is you,” along with a picture of an ugly bird you found online.
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I can't remember the last time I told my sister I love her, but we both say "I hate you" in the most loving way possible.
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Oldest child : Mom, I want to get out.
Mum : okay
Youngest child : Mama, I want ice cream.
Mum : sure my sweetheart.
Middle child : Mom, can I go out with my friends?
Mum : No, go to your room now.
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My mom when my 14-year-old sis gets highlights, piercings, and undercuts: ~woww~ so cute such personality!
Me, the eldest child, 25-year-old: I’m thinking of getting pink highlights this summer for the first time!
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Me: I have a date tomorrow.
Army-trained Brother: Here's how you break someone's elbow.
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When you ask your siblings to bring a glass of water, they will tell you how you treated them 3 months ago.
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If any only-children have ever wondered what it's like to have siblings, I just passed two little kids in their yard, "sword" fighting, and the younger sibling had a branch, and the older sibling had an entire shovel. It's just that for your whole life.
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You love 'em but you don't like 'em 😂😂
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