20 Questions Every Mom In The World Desperately Needs To Answer


#1 Why do you always ZOOM?
Why do moms zoom in when taking pictures even though you're like 3 feet away.
graysay_ / Via twitter.com

#2 Why did you choose THAT picture?
Why do moms always pick the worst pictures to post on Facebook.
CaitTheGreat_98 / Via twitter.com


#3 Where is the food?
Why do moms always say there’s food at the house when there’s really not ??!?
daniiiielaaaaa / Via twitter.com

#4 Why do you always text like that?

ItsPrincessAnna / Via twitter.com

#5 Why did that take so long?
Why do moms take five minutes to type "ok"???
wreckedkarenn / Via twitter.com

#6 Why do you think I know that person?
Why do moms always ask “who is that?” when you show them something on the internet?
Prismg0d / Via twitter.com

#7 Why do you need to introduce yourself?
Why do moms always leave messages saying “this is your mom”/“this is mom”. As if we wouldn’t know if they didn’t say so.
longliveToyosiWhy now? / Via twitter.com

#8 Are you mad?
Why do moms respond “Ok” to everything??!!! like r u mad or
kailee_boynton / Via twitter.com

#9 Why now?
Why do moms always call you to do something right when you get comfortable.
Gabriellalotsi / Via twitter.com

#10 Why so many ellipses?
Why do moms use “...” so often.
cashmeiraa / Via twitter.com

#11 Why does Bruno Mars drive you crazy?
Why does every mom get wild when bruno mars comes on.
alliemonell / Via twitter.com

#12 Why do you never answer the phone?
8:23am: *calls mom, no answer*
8:57am: *calls mom, no answer*
9:12am: *calls mom, no answer*
9:26am: *calls mom, no answer*
9:27am: *takes a shower*
9:33am: *27 missed calls from mom*
9:34am: *calls mom, no answer*
lincnotfound / Via twitter.com

#13 Why do we need to clean?
Why do moms always make us clean an hour before the cleaning lady comes.
hermanceeunice / Via twitter.com

#14 Can you unlock the door?
Why do moms NEVER unlock the car door until you’ve already pulled on the handle like 12 times
kieramccurdy / Via twitter.com

#15 Why haven't you sat?
Why does every mom claim that they haven't sat down all day?
Matty_bcfc4 / Via twitter.com

#16 Why can't you turn it down?
Why do moms always have their ringtones on LOUD for receiving text messages.
runemilyyrun / Via twitter.com

#17 Why even bother knocking?
Why do moms knock on your door if they’re just gonna open it right away.
WitnessBrandon / Via twitter.com

#18 Where is the APPLIANCE?
Why do moms hide the toaster??,, you don’t want mfs knowing I eat bagels??? Just leave it on the COUNTER
thegremlinqueen / Via twitter.com

#19 Why the rush all of a sudden?
Why do moms always take 40 mins to talk to a stranger at the grocery and then say "come on let's go" like you were holding them up.
chuck_suttonn / Via twitter.com

#20 And why do you always pick that angle?

bbradbury23 / Via twitter.com