15 People Share Photos Of What It’s Like Working From Home With Pets

They are here for us to make our workday better.

#1 Loving my new officemate now that I’m working from home!


#2 Working from home. Best coworkers ever! But not very engaged.

NoSpamiam / Via reddit.com


#3 I’m working from home and my new colleague is pretty cute.

OryxTheJimmy / Via imgur.com

#4 Working from home and my boss is constantly looking over my shoulder.

themysterytapir / Via reddit.com

#5 Working from home is gonna be easy, they said.

Tasslehoff___ / Via reddit.com

#6 When working from home actually means endless play time.

madder-red94 / Via reddit.com

#7 Took Nancy’s LinkedIn profile pic while working from home this week.

theycallmemidnightwildfire / Via imgur.com

#8 The joys of working from home.

jackivorhirst3 / Via reddit.com

#9 Helios is working from home with me. He's ready to fix all the things!

Ceruleanhollow / Via imgur.com

#10 Your boss when you are working from home for the first time.

koren8707 / Via imgur.com

#11 I think my cat isn't happy I'm working from home.

soJokeLifter / Via imgur.com

#12 I think he found out that other dog parents are working from home.

suddenlypenguins / Via imgur.com

#13 Still being closely supervised while working from home.

Tientchik / Via imgur.com

#14 Working from home has just gotten increasingly more difficult.

SaintBuckeye / Via reddit.com

#15 When you work from home and your manager wants a word with you.

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