20 Tweets About The Creative Names Kids Give Things

You may laugh when you hear, but when you stop to really think about it, their versions actually make a lot of sense, too.

My kid just called the statue of liberty the statue of puberty, and this is the content I signed up for when becoming a parent.
daddydoubts / Via twitter.com

My 3-year-old calls my gray hairs "wizard hair."
I'm not getting older.
Just more powerful.
XplodingUnicorn / Via twitter.com


My daughter calls a single slipper from a pair of slippers a "slip" and I'm never going to correct her.
milliondollrfam / Via twitter.com

My then-four-year-old once saw a deer & called it a moose. When we corrected him, he insisted. When we corrected him again, he glowered & grumbled “tiny moose” under his breath. Several months later, watching a nature show, we learned that deer are, indeed, tiny moose.
MmeDefargeKnits / Via twitter.com

My son renamed ‘ladle’ to ‘souper scooper’ and that’s just what’s it’s called now.
PsychScientists / Via twitter.com

My daughter just called a cemetery a person garden. I'm not even sure what she thinks is happening there.
java_assassin / Via twitter.com


This morning my three-year-old called a doughnut a cake bagel so that’s what they’re called from now on.
Swishergirl24 / Via twitter.com

My son calls dessert his "bonus round" and I think we should all follow his lead.
ValeeGrrl / Via twitter.com

When our son was little, he called a harmonica a "cowboy trumpet".
SuzanneBlakeman / Via twitter.com

My 3yo having never seen a hummingbird before called it a "butterfly-dragon", I did not correct her.
jaimegirl / Via twitter.com

My son couldn’t think of the right word for “hush puppies” so he renamed them “quiet doggies.”
erinmorgantate / Via twitter.com

A friend’s 5yo was wailing about seeing “flamingo witches” after watching the National Geographic channel. Took a little while to figure out she was talking about vultures.
jilliank245 / Via twitter.com

My 5yo daughter calls The London Aquarium the London Fish Park.
And the other day we went paddling in a very shallow stretch of the English Channel, which she suggested should be renamed The Learning Ocean. This TOTALLY makes sense
AcmeDR / Via twitter.com

My kid calls those little ornament hangers 'Christmas Hookers' and I have no plans on telling him differently.
darinlovesbacon / Via twitter.com

My daughter calls corn on the cob holders “corn chargers” and I think we should just let 2 year olds name everything from now on.
LurkAtHomeMom / Via twitter.com

My 2 yo thinks Siri is called Seriously. She doesn't actually know how to use Siri, so she picks up my phone and yells "seriously! call grandma!" at the screen.
fndesimone / Via twitter.com

A kindergartner told me she liked my hand socks...gloves obviously. But now forever hand socks.
msjennywatson / Via twitter.com

My son calls Toys R Us "Toys Or Else"
ElitatheLibra / Via twitter.com

My son calls ravioli “pasta pockets”
shaniggli / Via twitter.com

My 4-year-old calls Dunkin' Donuts "Drunken Donuts."
I was going to correct her.
Then I realized it was the best idea ever for a bakery.
XplodingUnicorn / Via twitter.com

Preview photo credit: ElitatheLibra / twitter.com