18 Pets Who Are Strong Believers In “If I Fits, I Sits”

If they fit in it, they're gonna sit in it.

#1 Morty wanted to try on my shoe to see if it was his size. It’s a perfect fit!

Your foot is the same as an adorable hedgehog.
alioopsies245 / Via reddit.com

#2 My girlfriend found these weird plants growing outside.

Don't try to harvest the toe beans. You'll end up with wicked scratches.
RactvDust / Via reddit.com


#3 If it fits...

rolleverything / Via reddit.com

#4 Came across him napping in this position... he hasn't moved in 20 minutes.

He's fixing his house.
zefyrpyon / Via reddit.com

#5 Hey... You're home early....

big_daddy_73 / Via reddit.com

#6 She follows me everywhere but doesn't like to be held or petted for more than 10 seconds.

Did you file her under C for Cat?
jennyvickers / Via reddit.com

#7 Found him like this in the kitchen.

thebananaroll / Via reddit.com

#8 New car is equipped with a pup-holder.

liveforthefeeds / Via reddit.com

#9 Blossoms is a little root-bound. You might consider transplanting to a bigger pot.

Schlaffpaff / Via reddit.com

#10 This is mine. It has my name on it

thepeck / Via imgur.com

#11 This pic says it all lol.

neospacebandit / Via reddit.com

#12 Molly takes a shoe nap in the middle of petsmart.

Adorable overload.
liveforthefeeds / Via reddit.com

#13 Nothing to see here.

alana181 / Via reddit.com

#14 This is the cats bed.

ebbi95 / Via reddit.com

#15 Turned my back for 20 seconds and this fool is in my concrete form.

thepeck / Via .com

#16 He broke his old pool, so he decided to sit on his water trough...

S-44 / Via reddit.com

#17 My little bean can barely fit in a hat anymore.

thomasb1414 / Via reddit.com

#18 If it fits, I sits.

metalupyourazz / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: metalupyourazz / reddit.com