12 Photos That Will Make You Smile And Frown At The Same Time

Wow, I needed this.

#1 They pay me to build pipes, not to move rocks.

Craztnine / Via reddit.com

#2 My dog is 16, so I figured it’s time for some driving lessons.

LamboSamba / Via reddit.com


#3 My 30-year-old brother (fully cognitive) made this for my mom this Mother's Day.

delpheroid / Via reddit.com

#4 My grandma wanted some “creative” grad photos of my friend since we're graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite.

Toll_House69 / Via reddit.com

#5 I just face-swapped my dog and my cat.

kradnozd / Via reddit.com

#6 Sent picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was...

kamel_hump / Via reddit.com

#7 Co-worker sent me this... We work at NASA.

jftims / Via reddit.com

#8 My 23-Year-Old Brother Decided to Shave His Hair and Beard so That He Could Look Like an Old Man...

Ldog__ / Via reddit.com

#9 Posted on the door of a local real estate business.

thelockjessmonster / Via reddit.com

#10 Delivered a package this morning. I think I nailed it.

Parker_Larsen / Via reddit.com

#11 When my wife had an ultrasound for our first child I took a photo of the print out so she could send to friends and family on what’s app. Instead I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realising what it was. She was not amused.

WKFClark / Via reddit.com

#12 My son, the only boy in the house, is a comedian.

SamiWinchester / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: Craztnine / reddit.com