15 Perfectly Timed Photos That Made Us Gasp

Some satisfying moments are created by pure chance.

#1 Oddly satisfying toothpicks.

HannibalsPassiveAgressiveTwin / Via imgur.com

#2 I found this water droplet that looks like Africa.

voidz1995 / Via reddit.com


#3 The way the water just flows perfectly through the drain.

coolcallum10 / Via reddit.com

#4 Made some sticky buns to celebrate the weekend :)

significantcamel / Via reddit.com

#5 My dog has a spot that is a near perfect circle.

swagmoneymcgee / Via reddit.com

#6 This shadow lines up perfectly with the sidewalk.

flying_jaffas / Via reddit.com

#7 A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset.

TheGoogleist / Via reddit.com

#8 Encountered some remarkably still air.


#9 This melting snow.

head_lettuce / Via reddit.com

#10 The most perfect rainbow.

maxijonas / Via twitter.com

#11 I found this perfect oxeye daisy today.

lemoncelery / Via reddit.com

#12 The way my cookie fits perfectly on top of my Coke.

moonpiies / Via reddit.com


OlgierdTheOldest / Via reddit.com

#14 This car against the fitted tree.

newmacbookpro / Via reddit.com

#15 Stay where you are, little buddy!


Preview photo credit: HannibalsPassiveAgressiveTwin / imgur.com, i.redd.it