The Strange Hobbies People Have Posted On Their CV

Honestly, I like doing nothing!

You can always hear a chuckle when a consultant opens a CV which contains something out of the ordinary.

These ballsy candidates went above and beyond to ensure theirs definitely stood out from the crowd – maybe a bit too much though?


And here are my favourites:

1. Work

2. Drinking

3. Painting my toenails

4. Samurai sword collecting

5. I am the batman

6. Laser tag

7. Taking surveys

8. Time travel

9. Being awesome

10. Tying knots

11. Space Travel

12. Collecting pebbles

13. Observing geometric shapes

14. Work, putting in overtime, not drinking, smoking, or doing anything else that would increase the company’s health-care costs

15. Honestly, I like doing nothing

Via, Preview photo credit: Nick Young