12 Times People Found Something Weird In The Trees

Sometimes they simply expand as if nothing was in their way.

#1 Times change. Evolve. Adapt. Overcome.

Praedyth-420 / Via

#2 Trees favorite snack: sign.

Playing di*k morgan developer.
inKritix / Via


#3 You've got mail.

straycat2001 / Via

#4 Having a nosh on this electric box.

Who even puts an electric box on a tree in the first place?
iwhistlewitmyfingers / Via

#5 Pup found a tree eating a fence and was very excited!

trinimagig / Via

#6 Lamp “post” in the Adirondacks, NY.

It would be even better if it still worked.

#7 Mmmm, walls.

This one confuses me, brick wall built around smaller tree? Top bricks don’t exist with in the tree yet it doesn’t seem to disturb surrounding lower bricks either. Regardless awesome find!!
doomman556 / Via

#8 Just eating a nacho.

If you eat your pizza like this you will go to He*l.
angelo-_p / Via

#9 Getting all the juices out of these bricks.


#10 Nom nom nom...

I think it means that you're not allowed to drive past that sign.
w0zzie / Via

#11 Hoppin' a train...

"Don't leave meeeeeeee".
rounding_error / Via

#12 Me eat you like waffle.

Begging4nothing / Via

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