18 People Share Something Weird They Used To Do As A Kid

My partner used to keep Kiwis (the fruits) as pets.

Purple was my favorite color but I didn't like the word so I called it "murdalop".
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Several friends and myself had a fascination with writing in code. We had little pocket notebooks full of codes and deciphering instructions (also in code) and would write volumes of notes between us. The notebooks got confiscated by a teacher, we wouldn't tell her how to decode them, so she tried to get us in trouble. Parents thought it was hilarious. I'm almost 60 and I still have one of these notebooks around somewhere.
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There were spiders and mice in my room which totally freaked me out so every night before I went to sleep I'd whisper a report of what the weather was outside to encourage them to go outside rather than stay inside and bite me in my sleep.
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I used to blink at things because I thought it would help with my memory. I would imagine my eyes were like cameras and each blink was a shutter click.
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When I was around 8 years old, I liked the way clean towels tasted. Something I really enjoyed was putting a towel over a straw, and drinking kool-aid through it.
My mother wasn't a fan of having white towels covered with red spots, so she put a stop to it pretty quick.
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In first grade, we would sit in a group on the floor in front of the teacher while she read us stories. I would sit at the back of the group against the wall and pull my pants halfway down my bu*t. I liked feeling the cool ground and wall against my bare bu*t.
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I used to turn on the shower and lay on the floor next to it with a towel over my body and fall asleep with a tiny bit of water splashing on my face. I used to imagine I was in a cave and it was raining outside.
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When I was in elementary school, I would use one hand to cover my bu*t when I showered because I was afraid that a monster would warp through the bathroom wall and attack my bu*tho*e.
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I used to keep the last piece of food I was eating in my mouth even for a hour. For example, if I was eating pizza, the last piece of the last slice would remain in my mouth while I went playing and running around.
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When I was around 5, I would basically act like a train and follow the lines on the playground while also using my hands as those little rail things on the wheels. I would also look directly up when it was cold and use my mouth as a chimney. Honestly, it must have looked like I was out of my mind.
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I used to have “science experiments” in the bathroom sink. Meaning, I’d go the bathroom and lock the door. Make sure the sink drain was shut and then proceed to add every shampoo to the sink in hopes of a reaction. Never got one, but it also never stopped me from trying.
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My partner used to keep Kiwis (the fruits) as pets. He would name them and take care of them... Until his mom took them to blend into a smoothie. That was a rude awakening for him.
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I loved the way the air that comes out the back of vacuums smelt. I used to follow the vacuum cleaner around while my mom was cleaning with my face against the vent. I would turn it on when other people were not around and smell it.
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I used to steal things from my sister when she was mean to me and then hide them by sewing them inside her stuffed animals... She found out a few months ago and was really freaked out.
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My friend and I used to rip that soft bark off of trees at school and call it “tree soap”. We told people if they rubbed it behind their hands, it’d wash them and make them super soft. They did make hands soft, though.
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I'd purposely spill toothpaste on my school jumper so I could chew and su*k on it throughout the day.
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I used to like chewing sponges. Bath sponges. I'd get them wet, wring them out a bit, then put the whole thing or as much as possible in there and just chew.

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I mixed ketchup and mustard together and called it "my secret sauce". I used it as a dip for Fritos. I was convinced I’d make millions off it.
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