How To Tell Your Parents You Have A Boyfriend

Yes. It's happening. I've met an amazing guy.

1. Speak inside blanket till midnight.

2. Don't stay in home during weekend.

3. Keep texting him always in home.

See the results.

After these, they may post to know whether my daughter has boy friend... !!!!!
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You: Mom. Dad.

Them: ????

You: I'm pregnant.

Them: What!?!?!??!

You: Yes. It's happening. I've met an amazing guy. He's the father. He's a tattoo artist. And he sings in an amazing band. I'm pretty sure the band is gonna make it.

Mom: no……

You: Yes. I've decided to name the child after him. And I got a tattoo already with his name

Dad: Uhh what's his name?

You: Satan.


You: I'm kidding. The only part that’s true is the boyfriend part. Except he's an engineer. You'll love him. No babies till marriage — promise.
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I was at my work place and I did not know how to break the news to my dad of my first boyfriend. I was 26 at that time. I was having a long discussion and was bothering my colleague over for the last few days. Then in her presence, I typed the following SMS to my dad at 8am from my work place since I was feeling very shy

Me: Dad, I am seeing someone. Just got to know him over a week and I think he is good. Getting to know him better. Did not know what to say to you. I hope you do not get angry with me.

Dad: Noted.

After i saw my dad’s one word reply, many scenarios were running in my head… “What if I get thrown out of my house?”, “Did I hurt my dad?”, “Dad did not approve of my boyfriend?”, “Maybe I should have told him in person? He feels offended?” , “Oh no! How am I going to face him at the dinner table?”, “Should I make a confession at the church?” and “Why did dad gave me a one word reply?”

This is known as “overthinking” and “over analysing” my dad’s reply! LOL
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