Nature Will Never Get Tired Of Surprising Us

The Nature still has many aces up its sleeve to wow us with.

#1 Little bears circle dance...

altterimulkahainen / Via

#2 My friend's pug went to the vet.

elisha411 / Via, andyrichter / Via


#3 35 pounds of honey found in my cousin's roof.

How many pounds of bees?
Jones641 / Via

#4 This shot of the four Andrena sp. bees I found sleeping in a flower.

tin_galli, tin_galli / Via

#5 This beautiful iridescent clouds.

astdemarco / Via

#6 I can quit birding for a while for these White tent bats!

birddetective / Via

#7 This hummingbird just kinda sat there and looked around for a little while.

#8 A tree growing out of the the roots of an upside down dead tree.

Life, uh, finds a way.
Dunham1409 / Via

#9 This bird is an upper limit for all nature lovers. Which stylist can design such an amazing creature? A Wilson's bird of paradise from Papua.

ddetective / Via

#10 After the baby gobbled down [a] fish, He running up to the parent and displaying.

ture_org / Via

Preview photo credit: elisha411 / Via, andyrichter / Via