People Share The Minor Things Their Parents Do That They Find Extremely Annoying

It's not just what they do, but what they say as well.

A couple of days ago, Jamie from Aberdeen, Scotland, decided to compile a collection of these quirks. "Is there something trivial that your parents say that really...annoys you for no good reason?"

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Here are some of the best responses:

My dad calls salad dressing “lettuce lotion” and it makes me feel sick every time he says it.
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My mother said she was a homophobe.. so we had a “conversation”... oh no she said.. I thought it meant "I like being at home"
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My mother repeatedly says she cannot stand being around old people they are boring and ignorant. She and Dad are in their mid 80’s.
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My dad calls the Kardashians the pistachios.
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Instead of saying “take a chill pill” my dad says “take a chill-out tablet”
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Every time my Dad phoned me and I mean every time he would say 'wait until I turn down the television' and disappear for about 20 seconds. Why the feck no turn it down before phoning. Wish he was still doing it today mind you.
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My mum can’t pronounce Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name AT ALL & instead every time she tries to say it she says “Arnold Schwarz-n-ham-n-egg-burger” for absolutely no reason other than she finds it hilarious.
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Writes ‘lol’ at the end of every message, no matter how sad or serious. Thinks it means ‘lots of love’.

Mum: Just texting to say your cat has been put down, nothing they could do, it’s for the best. LOL x
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Every time I would get off the phone with my mom she would say, "don't forget to lock your door tonight." Every. Single. Time. My friends started to do it to me. Drove me nuts. Funny thing is, I miss it now that she's gone.
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My nan calls the internet ebay. “Get on that ebay and search for the nearest Boots.”
And also, calls texts, faxes. “Has your brother faxed you back yet?”
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My mom can’t pronounce Massachusetts. It sounds like Massa Two Sh*ts.
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My parents tell me Ok boomer when they disagree with me.
Makes no sense, I'm a millenial
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My mum screams when she sneezes.
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When I was 16 I wanted puff daddy's album my mum went in to the shop and asked for puffing Billy...... I just turned and walked out.
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My mom says “long story short” when the story has already been long af
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My mother, who died a few years ago, would call all computers, iPads, and mobile phone ‘Da da dahs’ and mimed pushing buttons on the keypad. If age hadn’t killed her, I might have.
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