15 People Who Are Definitely Experts At Marriage

Some say that romance is dead, but we found photos that prove otherwise.

#1 My dad slips a love note into my mom's wallet every morning.

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#2 Here's a creative man who covered his car with flowers for his wife.

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#3 Recently, every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up on this view.


#4 This is one of the best moments/texts in my life. My (now) husband fell in love over texts and THIS is the one that I knew he was the one.

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#5 Made a giant Operation board with tons of gifts for my girlfriend (at the time) to pick out. Last gift was a key to my house, asking her to move in with me.

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#6 My husband made me a “paper clock” for our one year anniversary with every hour representing one month of marriage.

My husband gave me nothing. And forgot our anniversary. Wanna switch them?
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#7 My dad -- the epitome of "romantic" in any situation...

Love the love! So adorable.
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#8 Hubs had a hard day with clients so I reminded him of who he is to me.

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#9 My dad didn't graduate high school. Today I taught him how to use a protractor and basic geometry so he could rebuild my mom's flowerbed.

He now knows more geometry than I remember. It's never too late to learn!
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#10 My husband just got back from a business trip so I made him chicken pot pie.

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#11 Had a rubbish day. Cried a bit, went to get a bath and come out to see my husband has made me a den. Marriage is the best.

I’ve been having a hard time with my marriage lately & this beautiful set up made me cry! That’s a really cute thing to do. Hold onto each other.
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#12 After a good deal of wine, my wife and I drew each other on a restaurant napkin during our anniversary dinner last spring. I framed it and gave it back on her birthday.

This is so cute.
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#13 My husband tends to the tomato plants everyday, he doesn't eat or even like tomatoes but wants to make sure they grow well so I can eat them.

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#14 Fifteen years ago, my mom lost the diamond to her wedding ring. For most of her marriage, she didn't wear a ring. Today, my dad surprised her.

Very good gift and she appreciated it a lot.
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#15 This couple proved that romance is still alive.

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