16 Confusing Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Make us rub our eyes and look at the photo again and again.

#1 Two headed duck.

#2 Here’s your gift honey!

cvlee12 / Via


#3 This wrench with a hole in it.

"My co-workers have a piece of pvc tape on his tools.."
SliverCobain / Via

#4 I thought the blanket was my dog's right ear.

schpeucher / Via

#5 Looks like something out of "The Ring".

Zman14q / Via

#6 Strike a pose.

Ron_Qwanson / Via

#7 Alien.

puppybuttz / Via

#8 Fish out of water.

afroninja6969 / Via

#9 Small man uses traffic bollard to climb on his bike.

mdfrancisuk / Via

#10 My cat’s leg got a little long.

Zilverrr / Via

#11 Dogs got bigger.

#12 Oh no!

dgiardin3 / Via

#13 This floating cat.

bigfatgato / Via

#14 It’s not his hair, it’s a coconut tree.

Kelly240361 / Via

#15 Sock on cat.

primos235 / Via

#16 The way my dog stands.

OtherwiseFortunate / Via

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