15 Couples Who Are Not Afraid To Test Their Relationship

Living your whole life with the same person can be tough. Good pranks are what keeps the long-term relationships alive and well.

#1 My lovely and thoughtful wife left this note for me this morning:)

So kind of her.
k_ink_tattoo / Via instagram.com

#2 I like to torture my wife by sending her pics of cups too close to the edge of tables.

Peoplecallmedave / Via imgur.com


#3 Wife: Don't you want to see a fit man when you look in the mirror? Husband: ...

kynuna / Via reddit.com

#4 What 55 years of marriage looks like. She sits by and laughs as he tells another story about farting.

erinmac514 / Via reddit.com

#5 My wife's boss and her husband make quince paste every year.


#6 My wife got me a new cutting board!

You gotta carve "NO" into the countertop.
thestallion007 / Via reddit.com


#7 Left this for my wife for stealing my chocolates the other day.

Evanz111 / Via imgur.com

#8 Cleaned out my parents' storage unit today and found that this is how my dad labeled the box with my mom's wedding dress in it...


#9 Husband was in a hurry, asked me to prepare his sweater. So I did.

FrauRosen / Via imgur.com

#10 Asked wife to write a small list for the grocery store. She's not wrong. (Banana for scale.)

I like a woman with a sense of humour...
TemporaryUsernameUntilIThinkofSomethingClever / Via imgur.com

#11 My husband asked me not to put the matching pillow case on his side when I changed the sheets. No problem.

klynparks / Via reddit.com

#12 Came back home to find that my wife had been busy with pranks.

alexkurtagic / Via instagram.com

#13 When the perfume you bought your wife for Christmas ends up in the toilet as “air freshener”.

Ouch. My wife likes that one.
baxterrocky / Via reddit.com

#14 My wife thinks she's funny.

prismatic_lyfe / Via instagram.com

#15 Woke up this morning to find Jeff Goldblum staring at me in the dim morning light.

livingthatweberlife / Via instagram.com

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