12 Wholesome Things That Will Make You Smile

These are just some of the most precious things in the world. Prepare to smile.

#1 My puppy cuddling with my baby.

This is awesome.
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#2 My cat's smaller toe beans are inverted.

Might be really interesting to check how finger coloration is biologically done during the growth.
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#3 My son holding my baby pic from 1995.

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#4 Say hello to the kitten I found in the engine of someone’s car. They didn't want her so I took her home.

Kitty is happy you took her home! You’ve found a wonderful pal!
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#5 We got a new puppy yesterday. I asked my 4 year old to put him to bed. This is what I came back to.

That batman looks very uncomfortable but not determined to leave, like “‘aight, I’ll be here but this ain’t over”.
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#6 Me and my little sister finally got a dog after 18 years. Meet Lori.

That is an adorable face! Have a long life together filled with adventures and love!
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#7 My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house, and the turtles love it!

I love turtles...
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#8 Today I took my 74 year old best friend and her miniature Shetland pony to their first show and they got first place!

Congrats to your friend and her beautiful little pony!
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#9 I found a monarch caterpillar in my tiny garden, I built him a home and he built his chrysalis in it. Yesterday I got to release him.

You are the best kind of Disney princess - the unexpected kind.
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#10 My friend got her old cat a kitten! They really love each other.

Did your friend clone the cat?
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#11 They follow him everywhere.

"Please... I just want to sleep..."
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#12 Got busted for violating the "no pets" clause in my lease. Now my sweet old landlord brings treats for him every day.

This is at my rented studio/workspace. I figured that if I kept the dog quiet, I'd be able to bring him to work with me. That secret lasted about a day. When I dropped by the landlord's place to give her a "let's have a good relationship" gift, the first thing she said was "Did I hear a dog barking yesterday?" I told her that, yeah, I had a dog but that he wasn't living in the unit. If she'd prefer though, I could just leave him at home when I work. She didn't even respond to that. She just asked, "would it be OK if I came around to meet him?" Apparently she'd always had a dog in the past but felt that she was too old to have one now. She'd feel guilty about leaving a dog alone in the world.
She comes by every morning now. Nashi (my dog) recognizes the sound of her shuffle and the wheels on her walker and runs to the door to greet her. It's one of the best parts of my day.
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