15 Hilarious Dad Tweets About What Father’s Day Is Actually Like

I don't care that father's day is over. I love being a dad so much, everyday is father's day.

Told my toddler today was Father’s Day and she said “you’re welcome” if you were wondering how the current batch of Generation Z is coming along.
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Kids: [in unison] Happy Father's Day!
Me: I love y-
Kids: [back to regularly scheduled chaos]
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Each year on Father’s Day my dadbod molts to reveal an even daddier bod.
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It’s 10:30 on Father’s Day. My wife just asked me what I wanted to do today. I said I didn’t know, and she asked me “well, what do you like to do?”
We’ve been together for 18 years.
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My wife let my kids lose in Target to buy me a Father’s Day gift and they got me two boxes of baseball cards, a Diet Coke, Reese’s and a pack of bacon LMAO.
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As father’s day is coming to an end, my kid is finally realizing that I am not actually “testing her ice cream for poison” each night by taking a spoonful.
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Hope I get a chore list cleverly disguised as a Home Depot gift card again this Father's Day.
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Happy Father’s Day! I’m livin’ it up at the *beach **drinking ***beers!
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I've been doing house projects nonstop since this lockdown started and I swear to god if I get anything from Home Depot for Father's Day I'm going to destroy everything.
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Dads love saying “every day is kids’ day” on Father’s Day when his kids ask when their special day is.
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For Father’s Day, I doubled my kids’ bread & water, gave them 5 extra minutes of yard time & emptied their buckets. My gifts better be good.
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Went out to dinner with my family and the waitress told us happy Father’s Day and my dad replied, “oh these aren't my kids”
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Me: i don’t care that father’s day is over. I love being a dad so much, everyday is father’s day.
Wife: try saying it again only this time without the weeping.
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