15 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

These people are having a really bad day.

#1 Sloppily tied my hair up while it was slightly damp and forgot about it. Now I’ve got a matted knot about the size of a ping pong ball to try and brush out.

Don't know if you need to hear this, but start from the bottom and work your way to the top!
miss_april_showers / Via reddit.com

#2 I somehow forgot to put chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies.

Get chocolate frosting and turn them into sandwich cookies, problem deliciously solved.
melindaj20 / Via reddit.com


#3 My brother left his phone on my mom's car. This is the result after he found it on the freeway the next day.

You’re honestly lucky you even found it.
sk8terboi44 / Via reddit.com

#4 At least he's not texting.

Impressive charge cable.
Lank_Thompson / Via reddit.com

#5 Made a small error while trimming the hedges.

Plug it into a wifi adapter and see if you can get it to run wirelessly.
dieserminsung / Via reddit.com

#6 My mom accidentally left her mirror in front of the window over the day. After coming back she found this...

Great, another fear to add to the list of things I may have forgotten to check before leaving the house.
Saftgeaicht / Via reddit.com

#7 Well... I'll be sure to double check the cap before shaking the stain next time.

Right, but look how fast you got that one part done!
trillclick / Via reddit.com

#8 Forgot dollar store air horn in the sun on the dash of my truck today...

That blows.
mrstoness / Via reddit.com

#9 Trying to teach someone how to hydro dip and I forgot to put on gloves.

Nice design how can I buy it?
savage_umbrella / Via reddit.com

#10 Remember to close your door before using an automated parking system.

I'm surprised it doesn't have a sensor to stop it. Seems like a pretty big safety design flaw.
TightSomewhere / Via reddit.com

#11 My dad forgot to put the spacer back onto the machine when cutting my hair.

Welcome to your early 30s.
strohmy98 / Via reddit.com

#12 I forgot that I left my laptop on the top of my truck. It flew off when I was on the highway. CaN yOu FiX It?

Can you fix it, yes. Would it be economically viable, not so much.
Legionary_CXVII / Via reddit.com

#13 I keep telling myself i don't need to buy a strainer.

Someone please mail this dude a strainer.
ladsonfleek / Via reddit.com

#14 Left the car window cracked overnight, woke up to this.

Nothing left to do but burn it to the ground.
jarmsy / Via reddit.com

#15 Somehow put "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1" into the washer with my clothes. No everything's covered in pulp and I lost a good read.

Genuinely curious as to how something as big as that book unknowingly made its way into a washing machine. How big are your pockets?
Disboiactually / Via reddit.com

Preview photo credit: strohmy98 / reddit.com