10 Times Grandmas Were What We Should All Aspire To Be Like When We’re Older

Some of them are still able to surprise you.

My Grandma covered the face of her ex husband in these pics because she liked this photo of herself too much to throw away.

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My grandma started monthly motorcycle rides at age 90. The local motorcycle club made her sign a waiver for ride-alongs, she was like “sure, I could fall and die, but I could also die getting out of the bathtub. May as well enjoy myself”.
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A friend of mine went to a concert of an Italian metal band and they all signed his t-shirt. He then asked his grandma to embroider over the signature, so they won't worn off, one of them included a big di*k and she had a good laugh about it.
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Me (19) with my 102 y/o great grandma Vivienne. She walks the golf course daily.

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I asked my grandmother, who is 103 years old now, “what is the greatest invention you’ve seen in your life time?”. Her response, initially, as a bit of a joke was “the automatic washing machine” (she had 9 kids over the span of 20 years). Her “serious” answer was penicillin.
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My grandma turned 101 today!

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My great grandma on her 100th birthday today.

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My great grandma turned 90 recently. Her age sure hasn't slowed her down too much because she has decided she wants to go sky diving.

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