Life Surprises You When You Least Expect It

There are many other seemingly “common” things in the world that are, in fact, far from ordinary.

#1 This is what happens when you polish a coconut.

You get a huge kinder egg.
Roctopus420 / Via

#2 How a tree is cut into planks.

What's cool is that in modern lumber mills every log is laser scanned to determine the best cutting pattern to get the most usable boards from it.
Normipoikkeus / Via


#3 What happens when an oil drip pan gets rained on overnight.

There are many things I like about this picture.
PinkCrimsonBeatles / Via

#4 Glass gem corn we grew in our garden looks like jellybeans.

They are very real and easy to grow just like most corn. It’s a decorative corn but you can use it like pop corn. No, the color doesn’t pop with the kernels.
robrit00 / Via

#5 Dentist Office showing how much sugar is in regular items.

I swear if you just cut out all beverages from your diet besides water you can lose weight and keep it off.
mmaathiaas / Via

#6 Hummingbird feather compared to a penny.

I wonder how many of those little feathers it would take to weigh as much as the penny.
sonomabud42069 / Via

#7 In South East Asia, we have green toast infused with a fragrant leaf called pandan.

I’m actually mildly interested by this. It sounds tasty. What is it like? Sweet, earthy?
Nakatsukasa / Via

#8 This picture I took showing how the sky affects the colour of the sea.

That is a neat trick of the light. It makes it look like there's a dog in the water.
davelol90 / Via

#9 My teddybear after 22 years of love compared to his original form.

I guess you loved him to his. Bear bones!
Xenyme / Via

#10 Didn't realize how large the wind turbines actually are until there was a train full of the blades, miles and miles long.

Yup. They are huge when you are close to them. The support towers are 10’ diameter.

#11 A clutch of dinosaur eggs in a friends personal collection.

As a dinosaur fanatic, this blows me away. I couldn't even imagine the worth of this!
CryoBanksy / Via

#12 The last Cranberry Bog we harvested in Maine.

Cranberry bog sounds like the kind of biome that would be made up for a fantasy world.
iH8toastALOT / Via

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